Acidity Management in Musts and Wines

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Publication Date: October 1, 2018

Paperback 150pp, black and white illustration, 2 tables, 6 schematic views of sensory trials, index

Volkner Schneider

Making balanced, quality wine is a complex procedure, with a myriad of control processes. Chief among them is acid management. Though the topic is an essential component of all wine making texts, covered in lesser to greater degree, Acid Management in Musts and Wines is the first exhaustive treatment of the subject in print. It is the definitive guide to arguably the most delicate operation in the development of a fine wine. 

The authors first define the numerous acids within must and the resulting red and white wines, and examine the acids’ individual characteristics and their roles in the sensory experience of wine. They then describe acidification and how to conduct effective sensory trials. Lastly, the book delves deeply into the principles and multiple processes of chemical decalcification. 

Volker Schneider is a lecturer of enological chemistry at Geisenheim University, and is founder of the international consulting firm Schneider-Oenologie, which specializes in quality control, product development, and research. He has authored several scientific papers and more than 400 technical articles on these topics.

Sarah Troxell is a chemist accredited by the American Chemical Society and for more than two decades has been the winemaker at Galen Glen Winery, where they specialize in aromatic white wines – Grüner Veltliner, Riesling and Gewürztramine