Hospices De Beaune: The Saga of a Winemaking Hospital

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9 x 12", ISBN 9782351560495, usually ships within 3-5 days

Laurent Gotti

192pp, 150 color illustrations, 2012

On the third Sunday of every November, the famous Hospices de Beaune perform their annual, 150-year-old act of altruism: the hospital puts its wines up for sale in the world's oldest charity auction. These cuvées capture the attention of an entire profession and the passion of those who taste them. A new page in the chronicle of this unusual winemaking hospital is written each year, with each new vintage, and fascinates the entire world. Laurent Gotti reveals all the aspects of this extraordinary saga: its centuries of rich history, its vineyards, and its vignerons who, over time, allow the development of each vintage.