Practical Field Guide to Grape Growing and Vine Physiology

$ 40.00

Paperback 8.5 x 11, 145  pp, full color, illustrations, indexed. $40.00

Daniel Shuster, Andrea Paoletti, Laura Bernini

Written as an expansive update to the author’s previous book Grapegrowing and Winemaking in Cool Climates, the Field Guide to Grape Growing and Vine Physiology serves as a necessary compliment to all the processes of modern grape growing in the variety of climes where grapes are found.

Organized by growing cycles, the Field Guide gives detailed prescriptions for managing each season’s unique processes, such as


  • vine dormancy
  • root growth
  • canopy training
  • different root stocks
  • identifying various pathogens and bacteria


  • bud burst
  • flower cluster development
  • canopy construction


  • berry growth through verasion
  • respiration rate
  • water and nitrogen usage
  • phenolic metabolism
  • vigor control
  • irrigation and dry farming


  • yield estimates
  • harvest
  • mechanical vs. hand harvesting
  • post-harvest vine management

Also included are detailed examination on proper grapevine adaption to site and different agricultural systems, such as industrial, organic, sustainable and biodynamic.