The New Pink Wine: A Guide to the World’s Best Rosés

$ 24.95

ISBN 978-1-935879-28-2

Paperback 6 x 9, 186pp, full color

Larry Walker Ann Walker

We aren’t talking about your grandmother’s rosé here. The rosé being quaffed today is not the syrupy sweet and cheap White Zinfandel that helped give all pink wine  a bad name. The rosé winning the hearts and palates of Americans now is dry with lively fruit, and is fast becoming an ‘anytime’ wine, not just a swimming pool, summertime drink.  Or put it this way, rosé can bring a bit of summer to a cold December day.

Larry and Ann Walker interview winemakers, chefs and fans of pink wine from key wine regions where the best rosé is made and recommend rosé from California, France, Spain and wherever world class rosé is made, offering consumers the only global guide to rosé in print. A food pairing guide is also shared with a couple dozen pink-complimentary recipes.