Swallow This, Second Edition: The Progressive Approach to Wine

$ 19.95

5.5 x 8.5", ISBN 9781935879503.

Mark Phillips

388pp, B&W illustrations, 2016 

The iconoclastic host of the PBS show Enjoying Wine with Mark Phillips, has been turning the wine world on its ear since it first aired. In his 2009 book, Swallow This, Mark shook things up even more to the delight of consumers. Now comes the second edition…and it’s a doozy.

Among its new material are topics such as how to “fix” wine if you don't like it; wine selection and pricing ratings for major retail chains; additional surprising-but-true food and wine pairing guidelines; and how global warming is significantly changing wine growing regions.

Other wine topics you won’t see anywhere else

  • When to microwave wine
  • When to freeze wine
  • Why it’s silly to buy highly rated wine
  • What wine improves your sex life
  • Wine choices for doing laundry, walking the dog, etc.
  • Advantages of storing wine in Tupperware or Ziploc bags
  • The most amazing way to open a bottle of sparkling wine
  • How to blend wine at home to make it taste better
  • What one ingredient makes all wine and food matches work
  • The benefit of adding ice cubes to wine
  • The four things to say to a store clerk to get good wine every time
  • When to send back wine at a restaurant, even if you just don’t like it
  • What’s the best wine to serve and/or bring to a dinner party
  • And so much more!

Mark offers a whole new approach to wine, which flies in the face of what has been traditionally taught and serves as a practical and empowering alternative. Witty, unique and never boring, Swallow This will change the way you think about wine.

Mark Phillips is host of Enjoying Wine with Mark Phillips, which airs nationally on PBS and is the most watched wine show of all time. He has been written about in the Washingtonian, Washington Post, Washington Times, Marie Claire, The Hill and USA Today. And when ABC News, Reuters News Service, Forbes, National Public Radio, FOX TV, NBC, PBS, and the Smithsonian need a wine expert, they call Mark.

Check out WineTasting.org, Mark’s user-driven site featuring the country's best places to have good wine at affordable prices when out on the town. 

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