The University Wine Course

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Marian W. Blady, PhD

426pp., B&W Illustration, graphs, charts, sample quizzes, 2001

University Wine Course Teacher's Manual available

The most widely used wine textbook for colleges and universities, this book provides a 12-week program for learning about wine in-depth, from sensory evaluation to the science of viticulture and winemaking, written and organized in a user-friendly style. Chapters in the book discuss exams and answers, study guides, lab exercises, final exams, and extensive references and bibliography. Appendixes on wine and food, label reading, do-it-yourself labs, and student tasting notes are also included.

Marian W. Baldy, PhD, holds a BA in microbiology and a PhD in genetics from the University of California–Davis. She is a distinguished faculty member at California State University School of Agriculture and has taught a broad range of courses, including an introductory enology and wine appreciation. In 1999 Dr. Baldy was honored with US Department of Agriculture's Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agricultural Sciences award.