Greek Salad: A Dionysian Travelogue (Ebook only. PDF. Digitally Watermarked. No DRM.)

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Digitally Watermarked, No DRM
Miles Lambert-Gocs
288pp. 2005
Lamber-Gocs explores Greece via its tavernas with the utility of a travel guide and the tone of a novel. Lambert begins the book with a light brunch of "flaky bougasta filled with sweetened semolina" aboard a ferry headed for the island of Tinos, a member of the Aegean Islands, and once there, he's dragged on an impromptu expedition into "prehistory" lead by a tavern proprietor and his dog. From Tinos and "prehistory," Lambert then travels through the islands, onto the mainland, and then west to the lonians, ending the final chapter in a lower-class quarter of Corfu, drinking wine out of tumblers with his cab driver. "Greece can be a highly amusing place to navigate about in." says the author, "and I wanted to portray that neglected side of the country and people as I've found them over the years. I've often been looking through the prism of taverna wine glasses, but it's a vantage point with a lot to recommend it, not least of all because of our recent fascination with the food and folkways of Mediterranean Europe. We shouldn't stop at Provence and Tuscany when so much in those cultures originated in the age-old Aegean world."