Calvados: The Spirit of Normandy

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Charles Neal

766pp., Color Illustrations, 2011

Calvados, the incomparable pear and apple-based brandy from Normandy, France, has a history dating back nearly 500 years. While not as well-known as Cognac or Armagnac, Calvados holds a dear place in the hearts of many spirits lovers. In this comprehensive study, famed spirits writer and author Charles Neal, takes the reader on a back road voyage throughout northern France, from mount Saint Michel to Rouen to Omaha beach and the small, hidden hamlets of the Orne. The history of the region and its distinctiveness in France are fully defined and all of the factors that go into making quality Calvados are explained, from the various soil types, apple and pear varieties, and cider production to its distillation and aging in barrel. Complete with biographies and reviews of more than 200 producers and illustrated with lush, evocative photography of the Norman countryside, Calvados is an indispensable guide for the serious spirits connoisseur.