Artisan Public Relations: A practical guide for getting your hand-crafted products the attention they deserve

$ 24.95

Publication Date: June 1, 2020

Paperback 6 x 9 240pp B&W illustration

Paul Wagner

     Over the past twenty-five years, the world of artisan food and beverages has evolved from a few interesting point of sale items to huge sponsorships of everything from the Academy Awards and NASCAR to breast cancer research and public television.
     It used to be that a nice press kit and a smiling face could usually get you some coverage. Now we see celebrity chefs, podcasts, and concert tour logistics have all become part of the package. Artisan food and beverage has become big business, and at least some of the public relations programs have grown up alongside the industry.
     But for most producers, the challenges still remain, as they do for all small businesses: you don’t have the dollars to compete on a national scale, and your only hope for success in the world of public relations is to be more costs effective, more targeted, and smarter than their competition.
From wine producers and brewers, to bakers and breakfast bar makers, smart, effective, and focused are the bywords of success. Making sure that’s how you approach your public relations effort is what this book is all about