Pinko, ergo sum: An anonymous Rosé, an obscure French village, and a pretty good idea.

Don’t know who made the rosé. Don’t know the cuvée. Don’t care.  It was simple pleasure in a glass. A bright and youthful wine, inviting and lively in the mouth.  Eager to tell us a story about sunshine and soil.  About old vines and rocks. And we listened.
July 20, 2018 Board and Bench Publishing

What Wines to Drink on Your Summer Staycation

Neighbor Kirk is going to the Canary Islands and Spain.  Friend Bela is going to Germany.  Cousin Dennis is going to France and Hungary.  Great wine destinations all.  I am going nowhere.  As usual I’ll be shunting to wineries abroad money that could get me a plane ticket. Click below to read the full article

June 21, 2016 Board and Bench Publishing

Mark Phillips' New Wine Book Can Be Summed Up in Two Words. Ice Cube

TV Wine Personality Mark Phillips Still in Boat-Rocking Business with New Edition of Swallow This, Available May 1

Mark Phillips has been called a lot of things, mostly by fellow wine critics, but “boring” isn’t one of them. “Traditionalist.” “Neocon.” Not those either.

April 08, 2016 Board and Bench Publishing

A to Z Wine Business Book now available

Ex: Picking up where Thomas Pellechia left off in his brilliant, but outdated classic Guide to Starting and Running a Winery, Lamy's Business of Winemaking touches on every conceivable aspect of the trade, wading into areas untouched in print, like where to find financing, tax strategies and labor issues, to name a few. Ebook now available. Hardcover publishes 11/15/15.
October 06, 2015 Board and Bench Publishing