Wine Marketing & Sales: Success Strategies for a Saturated Market 2nd Edition

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Paul Wagner, Janeen Olsen, PhD, Liz Thach, PhD, Foreword by Robert Mondavi

400pp, B&W illustrations, graphs and charts, 2011

How can a small winery possibly compete with the marketing of massive wine companies? How can it hope to capture the over-stimulated mindshare of the modern consumer? By being strategic. This completely revised and updated edition to the bestselling book puts the vast bank of wine marketing knowledge within reach of industry novices, and fresh, practical, and powerful strategies into the hands of veteran brand managers and marketing professionals. With 100 pages of new and expanded material, this book addresses such topics as importing and exporting; logistical management; marketing your tasting room and wine region as a prime tourist destination; how to generate greater retail sales; and how to grab the benefits, while avoiding the dangers, of social networking and viral marketing.